Personalised Service, Guidance and Advice.

Jefford Trees offer a personalised service to manage your trees by offering a cost effective, efficient and professional range of services.

Tree Removal

Our Arborists will assess each tree on its own merits to ensure it is removed in a safe and efficient manner without damage to your garden and property.

Pruning & Trimming

Branch reduction, Height reduction, Canopy thinning, Deadwood removal, Formative Pruning.

In accordance with Australian Standards (AS 4373-2007) ‘Pruning of amenity trees’.

Hedge Trimming

Whether it’s a one off basis or regular Maintenence, we service all types of hedges from fine hedging to Taming a hedge that has gone wild. Height reductions or typical hedge trimming call us today!

Stump Removal and Grinding

We have different sized stump grinders to fit in to the tight access areas as small as 760mm.

For all stump removal and grinding needs call us today.

Palm & Yukka Tree Removal

We can safely remove any sized Palm or Yukka tree.

Possum Guarding

It can be very frustrating to watch your precious trees losing more and more leaves by the night to possum grazing. A combination of exclusion pruning and possum guard installation may be appropriate.

Mulch Sales

Need a load of mulch for your garden?

$150 – 5 cubic metres
$200 – 10 cubic metres

Call today on 0411 721 683.